The story of clay pots


 Romanian legends say that potters acquired their craft from God, only that because they didn't have divine breath, they burned the pots so that they would endure. In the ancient beliefs the origins must be sought which identify metaphor of the container of clay with the human body, a figure of speech so cherished and valued even in the most important creations of universal poetry.

 Indeed, in modelling the pots, the potter is aware that these also need to have figures as beautiful as possible. They create the mouth, they carefully detail the lips, they thin the waist on which they will place the arms.

Visits to the Potter's house - In Baia Sprie (approximately 2 hours)



 Visit to the countryside house decorated with old objects. The host will describe these objects and tell stories from the lives of our grandparents.


 An interactive and demonstrative lesson about the clay pots starting with the kneading of the clay up until the finished pot.

 Children will see the object at the different stages of work.                     

 Modelling demonstrations of a clay pot on the potter's wheel.

 Children participation: Each child will write their name on the pot made by the craftsman. This will be donated to the class (or group) as a keepsake.

d  Group visits to the potters workshop.
The craftsman will talk about the traditional methods of obtaining and decorating a ceramic pot. Each child will receive a ceramic object (a side plate, a water cup). those that wish can procure hand-made items at workshop prices.
d  Whilst one part of the group is visiting the workshop, the other part can play in the courtyard and garden until they are able to enter the workshop also themselves.

 For the above visit as presented above, the cost is 15 lei for each child. If so desired, for an extra 3 lei each, we can provide a photographer who will take pictures of all of the activities in which the children participate which will then be presented to you in CD form. For visits, a schedule is to be made by telephoning 0040729047429 - english. We prefer to organize groups of a minimum of 30 children with a supervisor.

 Visit to the Potter's house with lunch - 25 lei - approximately 3 hours
In this option we also offer lunch
We will prepare in the workshop courtyard a lunch consisting of gulas and home-baked cakes. We will eat from ceramic plates and those who wish to, will receive modelling clay and the objects they have modeled to take home.

 Visit to the Potters house with a pottery lesson - 35 lei - approximately 4 hours.
In this option we offer also, individual pottery lessons.

Children will experiment making pottery. The craftsman will watch over each person and help to initiate each one in making a pot that they can take home.