Versiune mai mare a unuia dintre imagini mai mici de mai sus

  • Daniel Les was born into the painter and potter family of Ioan Les in 1972
    From the age of 5 he was in his father's workshop which formed his talent for drawing and ceramics. From this happy combination between the potters wheel and drawing, Daniel Les' art was born: figurative ceramics

    Beginning in 1997 Daniel has been invited to display his original works of art at Art and Ethnographic Museums throughout the country and in expositions in the country and abroad, where he has been awarded on many occasions with Certificates of Excellence, awards for originality and the judges special prize.

    From 2000 he has been recognized as a successor and promoter of pottery for the younger generation due to his being an adherent of the traditional methods of working with clay.

    The first of his characters are from his childhood village and carry the name of those that inspired him.

    In 2005 he opened The Potter's House Pension where those who desire to visit him can be accommodated in the rustically decorated rooms. The guests can assist in demonstrations of pottery and modelling and also have the possibility of taking lessons and buying ceramic pieces at workshop prices. They are offered meals made from traditional foods (gulas made in a large pot over the fire, pies, sarmale). Suppers by lamp and candlelight, around which story-telling begins of tales of old are unforgettable.





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